how to use lend and borrow

Bibond is a peer-to-peer lending website that allows users to lend and borrow Bitcoin. When lending or borrowing, the platform creates a risk score for the loan and provides an adequate interest rate. All the operations within the platform take place with Bitcoin, although users can choose to borrow coins based on a Bitcoin or USD peg. ... More

pythagoras how to work out

Session 1. In this session we look at the history of Pythagoras, introduce the theory, and look at the 3,4,5 triangle using cuisenaire rods. Introduce the subject of Pythagoras, determine what students have has prior knowledge of the man and his work. ... More

how to tell if baby is overtired

Gentle Ways to Help An Overtired Baby Fall Asleep If youre a new mom, dont be surprised the first time you have an overtired baby on your hands! Your little ones brain is developing at a rapid pace and Baby is becoming more aware of her surroundings. ... More

how to look hot at work

25 Super Sexy Work Outfits For Modern Women 11 Comments If you want yourself a sexy outfit at work, then I suggest you to take a closer look at these 25 super sexy work outfits for modern working women. ... More

how to take care of a succulent inside

Tips to Take Care of Succulent : Succulent is a plant that requires special care not only because of its special nature but because of the fact that they grow in different habitats and have corresponding qualities that make it a special and different plant. ... More

how to survive falling on the train tracks sydney

7 hours later, the truck arrived at it's destination, a field bordered by abandoned train tracks. Anyone who would have seen the place would have seen what looked like a tool shed and a 40 foot trailer. What wasn't commonly known was, 10 feet below the surface was a inverted train tank. The floor of the shed opened into a 40 feet long 45 degree tunnel. At the bottom of the tunnel was a 3 foot ... More

how to see election results

Ans.The easiest way to get the big picture about the UP poll results is to click this link. It takes you to the biggest, and the latest stories on the UP Elections. ... More

how to stop a dog jumping up at strangers

Tips That Will Have Your Dog Greeting You and Your Home Visitors On Normal Levels. Whenever your dogs more than happy to see you or other people, they might show it by leaping. ... More

how to see peak teweet times twitter

Find the number of times a tweet has been viewed. Ask Question . up vote 0 down vote favorite. There have been quite a few number of start-up pertaining to analyzing Twitter data. There is CrowdBooster, then there is Klout, which use Twitter data to tell the user their True reach. I have got the following two questions: 1) Is there a way to find out who has viewed one's tweet, or the number of ... More

how to turn on waterpik shower head

Turn off the water supply to your shower head. At first you can just turn the shower off at the knob if you are just replacing the head or inspecting it. A leaking shower head can be caused by clogged holes, resulting from lime and other mineral deposits that build up in the holes over time. If you’re unsure what could be causing your leaking shower head, start here. It’s a simple, cheap ... More

how to use chrome spray paint

Chrome plating (less commonly chromium plating), often referred to simply as chrome, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. ... More

how to spend it well

You can make a personal difference. 100% of the funds you donate to Spend It Well go directly to the foreign aid project that you nominate. We encourage you to get directly involved in the project, to stay informed and even to visit the project if you are able to. ... More

how to turn off touch screen on asus

18/05/2015 · So, building on this guy's work, click the link below to download a .zip for the Asus VivoTab (not RT) TF810C. If you unzip the contents into a folder you create called c:\Touch, you can create shortcuts on your taskbar to Touch On and Touch Off. ... More

how to send someone money

14/11/2018 · If you’re trying to send money to someone, you may consider just transferring funds to the person’s bank account. But many people don’t have bank accounts. ... More

how to watch sky news australia

UK's May could seek more time before final Brexit vote: paper British Prime Minister Theresa May might again push back a final vote in parliament on her Brexit deal, less than three months before the country is due to leave the European Union, a newspaper reported. ... More

how to tell if you have received a hacked pokemon

If you’re around 20 to 30 years old, you’ll have grown up with the Pokémon craze and probably have seen the cartoon too. Now, gamers have discovered a secret hack that lets you get Pikachu ... More

youtube video downloader chrome extension how to use

chrome youtube downloader is a Chrome extension that enables you to download YouTube videos as MP4, MP3, M4A and FLV. It does one thing and does it well. What's more, it's easy to use. It does one thing and does it well. ... More

how to turn off iphone alarm without screen

You can make this icon go away by turning off any alarm that is currently turned on. The Clock Icon at the Top of the iPhone 5 Screen. If you are seeing the clock icon in the status bar at the top of your iPhone screen, then you have an alarm that is set to go off on a specific day each week, or that is set to go off in the next 24 hours. If this is not your intention, then you can follow our ... More

how to tell if your car aircon needs regassing

In America you can buy cans of Arctic Freeze for very cheap to re-gas your car aircon on the cheap apparently it works really well available here ... More

how to write something under something in excel

Specific formulas to calculate age in Excel The generic age calculation formulas discussed above work great in most cases. In some situations, however, you may need something very specific. ... More

how to sell my house as is

Senna House Buyers are the fast-acting, honorable Houston home buyers. We may buy houses in Houston, but our business centers around you. You are our #1 priority. ... More

how to take a ferry in seattle

Traveling by Ferry The Washington State Ferries system has a number of routes which access the Olympic Peninsula via Puget Sound. There are several port destinations that will get you across the sound and onto the peninsula and on your way to Olympic National Park. ... More

how to tell if ssd will fit in computer

The other thing you'll want to check before you go out and buy a replacement SSD is your drive's form factor; you need to make sure the drive will fit in the laptop. Most laptops have 2.5-inch ... More

how to use castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil is the most effective ingredient that helps to grow your eyelashes naturally! Follow one of these 5 methods to grow eyelashes using castor oil and re ... More

how to stop dogs from pooping on my lawn

17/09/2008 The digging can be fixed. The pooping however.. well your dog has to do his business somewhere, and if you don't want him to poop on your lawn, then you need to go for a walk. ... More

how to stay awake at night while driving

To stay awake while driving you need to make it 100 sure that you have a plenty of liquids like juices, and water, that you would be drinking in the duration of your journey. Dehydration is very bad, and it can make your concentration changed. However, you dont need to take with you the fluids that contain sugar and salt at a high level. Whereas, you need to drink more and more water. ... More

how to take the singing out of a song

Import both the original version of the song and the instrumental to the program. Place the original song on track 1 and the instrumental version on track 2. Open the expanded view window so you can see the audio waves of both tracks closely. ... More

how to use otterbox stand for ipad

Updated April 2017: We have re-focused the list specifically for the iPad Mini 4, take a look at the great cases below. OtterBox is one of the go-to names for protective cases, but it's not the only option around when it comes to keeping your iPad Mini 4 safe. ... More

how to ask work colleague if there interested

I am 20 and student and I work part-time in a medium-size company. I don't have very specific job there. I am computer guy there and I do everything that somehow relates to computer there. ... More

how to use 5.1 speakers with microphone

Mic sound to speakers. You can do this for a mic/speaker combo device like the built-in mic and speakers or you can mix and match, and use your built-in mic with external speakers, wired or ... More

how to set up a new group under whatsap

Another new feature which has been activated is the new Group search feature which helps users to be able to search for the group member without having to scroll in a large group. ... More

how to write a synopsis for a play

The synopsis exists in a weird shift-state for authors, at once a treasured daydream and a waking nightmare. Its fun to be in the shower, at the gym, on the train, thinking about your synopsis breaking your story down, thinking how to sum it up, maybe even jotting down effective phrases but when play turns to work, when you actually ... More

how to use google display network

A common dilemma that many advertisers face is if they should use the Google display network or not. With various benefits and drawbacks, making the choice can often be confusing. So should you use the Google display network on your PPC campaigns? Find out everything you need to know here. ... More

how to use temptu airbrush makeup system

Dinair Airbrush Review. When it comes to makeup, Im pro-gun. Ive reviewed the Belletto Studio System as well as Temptu, and now its time to dish about the AB veteran, Dinair! I am so glad I got to try this system as its given me a really well-rounded grasp on all the major airbrush systems available to consumers. I hope to assemble a detailed comparison post in the future, breaking ... More

how to get bloggers to write about your business

Since I started the show, I have answered hundreds of questions about blogging, from getting started with keyword research, to learning how to write well, to growing your blog with guest posting strategies. ... More

how to use a root tab in aquarium

27/12/2011 · Freshwater Plants, Freshwater Planted Tanks Do you grow freshwater plants in your aquarium? This is the forum for you! Freshwater plant species, freshwater plant lights, freshwater plant water additives, chemistry, and plant nutrition. ... More

how to write to the universe

28/12/2009 Nice! yes. I am always writing to the universe. I love my fountain pens and I love the tactile sensation of writing. In fact it is this kind of writing that really gets my motor running. ... More

how to use outlook pdf

September 12, 2013. This brief tutorial shows how to freely convert Outlook emails to PDF files in Windows, without using expensive PDF conversion tools. ... More

how to turn off iphone screen rotation

19/04/2013 · This will show you a quick tutorial on how to rotate the screen on an iPhone when turning the phone side to side. My How To's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?... ... More

flavia coffee machine how to use

The ideal drink machine for large offices, the Creation 500 crafts authentic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. All drinks can be brewed in small, regular or large size, and you can even brew drinks over ice! ... More

how to write experimental fiction

Book now 02/28/2018 05:30 PM 02/28/2018 07:30 PM Europe/London Writing an experimental crime fiction novel - how to write original genre fiction. Hosted by Bernardine Evaristo, Professor of Creative Writing. ... More

how to use mother of pearl cream

(See below the Pearlcium product I use) Mother of pearl is not pearl powder; mother of pearl is the shell. The shell is chemically bleached to look like pearl. 100% pearl powder (Pearlcium) is the healthiest way to honor your body. ... More

how to stop coughing instantly

Coughing happens when your body pushes air from the lungs out through the mouth. It is a reflex reaction that clears your breathing passage of any irritants, mucus, and fluid. While it is totally normal to cough on occasion, if you have a cough that lasts for several weeks, you may have a persistent ... More

how to talk during sex

After you call your girlfriend a slut during sex, make sure to hold and cuddle her. She knows, intellectually, that you think highly of her, and she knows that the dirty talk was part of hot ... More

kidspot how to tell you children youre separating

If you get upset, say to your child that you are sad about what is happening but try to answer the questions anyway. This tells the child it is okay to ask questions even if they are upsetting you. If possible tell them where the other parent will be living and when this split will happen. ... More

cable release how to use

10 hours ago Anker is also releasing a USB-C to female Lightning cable thats primarily designed as an audio adapter, letting you use Lightning headphones with USB-C ... More

how to tell if someone can be hypnotized

How to hypnotize other people. If you want a quick answer to whether you can hypnotize other people or not then its a "YES". This time you aren't going to ask them to relax because you don't want to tell them that you are going to hypnotize them. ... More

how to kindly request to leave early from work

The problem with to kindly ask (apart from the split infinitive, which is cumbersome) is that it says that you are being kind when asking: you are asking kindly. ... More

how to show a percentage discount in excel

If A1 has your "gross", put this in your "net" cell. This will do 15% discount for < $2k, 20% discount $2k-$3k, and 30% discount over 3k. You can continue nesting as necessary for discount levels. ... More

how to set up fuji xerox printer wifi m225dw

7/06/2016 Fuji Xerox M225DW printer not showing in Printers & Devices I installed my new printer successfully and works OK but does not appear in the 'Devices & Printers" panel. I tried to look for it but Win 10 can't seem to find it. ... More

how to watch free new movies on xbox 360

The Xbox One looks as though its going to gain some basic PC applications while PCs will soon be capable of streaming the Xbox Ones library of games. Thats a win-win. Thats a win-win. ... More

how to write about meetings and presentations experience

Our Presentation Skills section is split into two parts. The first gives you a step-by-step guide to making a professional and effective presentation. The second provides more detailed information about presenting and communicating in particular circumstances. ... More

how to sing rockin around the christmas tree

Read the complete lyrics of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Mel Smith & Kim Wilde on Rockol. 01/09/2019 . Search. Rockol > Lyrics > Voices singing let's be jolly Deck the halls with boughs of holly Rockin' around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday Kim: This is so corny Both: Everyone's dancing merrily in the new old fashioned way Mel: Wow I am in the most almighty Christmas ... More

how to sell furniture online locally

Expand your reach by setting up shop in multiple places, such as online marketplaces ebay.com, etsy.com and furnishly.com (a Craigslist-style site for furniture). Or go offline and try local flea markets. ... More

how to use your super to invest in diamonds

This section contains information about how your deferred benefit is calculated and taxed. There is also important information on how, when and under what special conditions you can access the benefit, including information on the Government's preservation regulations. ... More

how to turn on my galaxy s4

Turn off your Galaxy S4 using the main power button. Step 2. Remove the back panel on your phone. Step 3. Remove your battery and wait for 30 seconds. Step 4 . After 30 seconds, insert the battery and put on the back cover. Step 5. Switch on your device. That’s it! Method 2: Hard Reset Using Software. If soft resetting didn’t solve your issue or if you’re facing a major issue, you’ll ... More

how to change the horse watch strap

The Fifth Watches are all sold out, when are they available again and how do I purchase? Payments . What if my payment is declined? How can I pay for my order? What Currency will I be charged in? Changes. I would like to change my shipping option; I would like to change the shipping address for my order; I would like to change the email address for my order; I would like to change a product in ... More

how to use the laser cutter in subnautica

1/11/2017 · So, I'm about to explore the Aurora in Subnautica. What supplies are essential for those wanting to power their way through this process? I have just about every essential I can think of: fire extinguisher, scanner, powerglide, flashlight, knife, repair tool, laser cutter, and propulsion cannon. ... More

how to use camera on samsung s7 with flash on

9/11/2018 · Samsung's also added Motion picture and Motion panorama to the Galaxy S7's camera arsenal. Motion picture is the South Korean firm's answer … ... More

how to tell if someone is lying video

2/07/2010 · Why The Fuck You Lying Vine Why you fucking lying Vines Funny song Lie always lyin ... More

how to use clp gun cleaner

Keeps firearms protected lock, stock and barrel. Ballistol cleans and removes all types of bore fouling. Cleaning with Ballistol will save you time, minimize the need for brushing, and also form a ... More

scent candle how to use

A candle can go from merely lighting up a room to freshening up the entire area with its fragrance. You can place a scented candle in the bedroom, beside the bath, or on a coffee table in the living room, so that you and your guests can have an easier time to lighten up and relax. ... More

how to watch 123movies on tv

123Movies: Watch Movies Online, Watch TV Online Watch online full movie for free on 123movies. Watch latest and classical movies online for free on 123Movies Official Site. ... More

how to use suspended 2 chords in musci

Major chords use the first, third and fifth notes of the major scale. Sus4 chords drop the 3rd interval and replace it with the 4th - a process known as suspending, which is why its called a sus chord. ... More

how to start a home based bookkeeping business

Encuentra How to Start a Home-based Bookkeeping Business (Home-Based Business Series) de Michelle Long (ISBN: 9780762761265) en Amazon. Envíos gratis a partir de 19€. ... More

how to take good pictures of a room

Take a second to clean your grow room and the area around the plant. You will dramatically increase the quality of your photos when its just the plant in the photo. Taking 5 minutes to pick up any stray items or leaves will make a huge difference in your final result. ... More

how to use linkedin effectively to find a job

3/11/2018 How to use LinkedIn effectively 2018. Using LinkedIn for networking, sales, or to find a job. Using LinkedIn for networking, sales, or to find a job. March To A Million ... More

how to write a parody

They then write their own parody of the poem. This lesson uses William Carlos Williams' poem “This is Just to Say,” but a list of alternative poems and their parodies is also included. This lesson uses William Carlos Williams' poem “This is Just to Say,” but a list of alternative poems and their parodies is … ... More

how to talk to work colleagues

Ask your co-workers about their interests their favorite music, films, books, hobbies. Showing a genuine interest in them will make them feel comfortable around you. Talk about your life ... More

how to use maths tables in linear equations

Review Tables, Graphs, and Equations of Linear Functions. It may be a more appropriate lesson for students who have difficulty understanding linear functions. At a Glance What: Models real life linear functions using tables, graphs, and equations. Common Core State Standard: CC.9‐ 12.F.IF.4. For a function that models a relationship between two qualities, interpret key features of graphs and ... More

how to conduct an investigation at work

Conducting Investigation Interviews. Tips for interviewing employees in a workplace investigation. Share on Google Plus . Share on Facebook. In most investigations, interviews are the main tool investigators use to find out what happened. More often than not, investigators have to rely almost entirely on statements from the main players and witnesses, who may contradict each other. If the ... More

d-link how to set up wan

5/04/2016 Up until now i had just set up WAN port 1 on the DSR to and enabled the VLAN tag at 550 and it could run the data fine. I now need to get the voice working as well. I now need to get the voice working as well. ... More

how to use trademark symbol on mac

How to type copyright symbol on windows and mac, ms word, ms excel, notepad, linux, html, javascript, or plain text Make the copyright symbol on windows or macos computers. In Windows 10, type map in the taskbar's search box and then choose Character Map from the search results. ... More

how to use wonderweb on trousers

7/07/2009 · The should sell it at Asda or any sewing shop. However i found wonder web Absolutely useless!. xx ... More

garmin fish finder 500 c how to use

Things that one has to consider when buying good fish finder GPS combo include benefits of such combined units, operating frequencies, unit's sound power, power requirements, types of beam, size and type of display, controls, user friendliness, simplicity of use, available charts, software updates etc. ... More

how to make use of latest dism still using old

The purpose of this is to make the system use the new SoftwareDistribution and catroot2 folders so that Windows Update can avoid issues from the old ones.) 4) Still in Command Prompt, type these commands and press Enter after each to restart the services you closed just now: ... More

how to use faux glaze

Types of Faux Finishes. There are nearly countless types of faux finishes you can achieve with paint, glaze, brushes, rags and sponges. Many of the different techniques involve the same materials used in a variety of different ways to get the look you want. ... More

how to take screenshots on stea

8/12/2014 From the UPlay window, click on the little gear icon (upper right) and select Settings. On the left, go to Other. From there you can set the screenshot hotkey and save location of the images. ... More

how to stop the app store from opening automatically

Next, open the Windows Store app from the Start Menu and click on your picture to open the Options menu. Next, click on Settings, as shown in the image above. Next, click on Settings, as shown in ... More

how to start a thesis presentation

How to start thesis defense speech. quot; Here are some reasons, how. The daily defenses start thesis, Your Reader Will Enjoy Reading To enjoy your start how the main speech of the thesis, because this ensures the pleasure of your reader. Here are theiss starts You start with a T o like quot;The speech of start thesis in How. One of the areas of concern is the food program for low income ... More

how to send mail in canada

23/08/2018 · 2) Do I have to send all the forms (e.g. IMM5257, IMM5645, IMM5713 etc and photos) via mail again as I have already submitted these online. It will be great if you could answer these two questions. Thank you in advance. ... More

how to work in hong kong

Even though the MTR, Hong Kong’s public transportation system, is one of the best in the world and a more efficient way to travel between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, you don’t want to miss a ... More

how to send audio files on pc facebookmessenger

13/09/2015 Facebook messenger audio download tips and trick from phadindra bhandari arpan for your pc visit this link https://youtu.be/IHr8Qmvm-20 thank you. ... More

how to take hcg injections for weight loss

Because this is a medically supervised weight loss program, it’s always best to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the HCG diet with your HCG doctor. From reviewing dosage of HCG injections or drops, to discussing any underlying medical conditions, your HCG doctor or HCG therapy clinic can help guide you and reassure you along the way. ... More

how to use automated passport control kiosks canada

The Automated Passport Control kiosks are a prime example of CBP’s private sector partners taking a leadership role in purchasing and deploying a solution that is mutually beneficial for CBP ... More

how to train yourself to do the splits youtube

Straddle splits can look intimidating, but with proper preparation, one can do them eventually. Here are five yoga poses to help you enter straddle splits. Here are five yoga poses to help you enter straddle splits. ... More

how to start a car with out a barry

"The diagram illustrates the point raised in Decision 24-2b/3.5 where a player may be unable to determine the nearest point of relief from an immovable obstruction and … ... More

how to stop knee pain

Going out on a hike is the highlight of your week, but knee pain threatens to stop you in your tracks. Is there a way to manage your pain so that you can keep hiking? Yes! There are many strategies for how to deal with hiking knee pain. ... More

how to use a redsstone to

Redstone clock tied a pist which shoves generated cobblestone over a floor of hoppers that lead to a double chest. you can sit next to the cobblestone column, and ... More

how to avoid conflict at work

When was the last time you walked into your offices kitchen, saw a dirty dish in the sink and cursed under your breath about the slobs you work with? ... More

how to use data in hr

Companies are turning to data analytics to gain insights into personnel trends which can aid staff recruitment, retention, development and performance Data – and the effective interpretation of what it means – is a powerful tool in any industry. Just look at companies like Google, who show us ... More

videos of how to write your name in chinese

This page contains a table including the following: Chinese alphabet through text (below) and through a video (left side), which contains characters, or you can call them even letters which help you pronounce the words in a given language, you will also learn about the different consonants and vowels. ... More

how to write coordinates in a graph

Polar Coordinates When dealing with certain functions, the system that we are accustomed to becomes inconvenient and troublesome. We usually use rectangular coordinates, that is, coordinates using the x and the y axis to plot points and describe functions, but certain functions get very complicated if we try to use these coordinates on the Cartesian graph. ... More

how to start using my gi bill

1/06/2007 Yahoo Answers Sign in Mail ? Help. Account Info; Help; Suggestions; Send Feedback ... More

how to tell if you have bed bug bites

Since people will have various sensitivities to the bed bug’s bite, the size of the bite will vary, as well. Another factor that influences the size of a bed bug reaction is the number of times a person is bitten. Bite reactions of people bitten many times are also variable, and their response may be either more or less intense as the number of bites increases. ... More

how to use binder clips

Strengthen your grip Does a weak grip or arthritis make it hard for you to open jars and do other tasks with your hands? Use a large binder clip to add some zip to your grip. ... More

how to tell size of video in browser

Like most relational databases, MySQL provides useful metadata about the database itself. While most other databases refer to this information as a catalog, the official MySQL documentation refers to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA metadata as tables. ... More

how to set aqua systems two dial electronic tap timer

Name Aqua-Smart Electronic Manual Article code AL005 Type of packing Clamshell Q’ty per inner Q’ty per outer 25 pcs Measurement per outer/G.W. ... More

how to politely tell someone to leave you alone

I had the same problem, If your too nice to tell that person to leave you alone then try to run away from that person, avoid that person, or pretend that your too busy to hang with that person. ... More

women hairstyles work 1970s how to

... More

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how to shop for free stop and shop

4/01/2019 · For any of you who have a Stop and Shop near you, I've found it to be a great resource. I've bought several of their S&S brand products, and have called them a few times to ask about ingredients.

how to train your dragon 2 cast james corden

The main cast of Thor: Ragnarok made a surprise appearence at a screening to reenact the movie and fulfill James Corden’s dream to project a movie in 4D. It’s …

how to talk to a female friend

My husband has a female friend that in the past wanted to be more than friends, he met her when he was getting a divorce from his first wife and he said that he helped him and became his friend, They have a bond that makes me uncomfortable. I talk to him about it and every time I mention her name he gets angry with me. I tried to befriend her when I first met her but she did not accept my

how to take care of health in rainy season

18/07/2017 · How To Take Care Of Health In Rainy Season II Health Tips In Telugu II Telugu Bharathi II..

how to send multiple photos from android to iphone

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android (5 Ways) there are multiple ways to transfer your data from one device to another. And trust me, it is a piece of cake. In most methods you will meet VCF. VCF or vCards is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mails and instant messaging apps. They can contain pretty much anything, including

how to use hp tuners

10/06/2013 1. Before I actually post the file (In case its against the rules or something), is anyone on here able to convert an hptuners file (from my friends truck), over to EFILive file for a starting place for my newly swapped 6.0 lq9 in place of the current 5.3?

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