how to use plywood h clips

2/10/2017 I have also read that if you use square edge sheets then you must either support the edges with battens and nail to the battens (as well as the rafters) or use panel clips (H clips) to support the edges between the rafters. ... More

how to tell size of viola

The viola is more resonant than the violin (but not as resonant as the cello), and because of the problem Forsyth notes (the viola if it were the proper size for its tuned range would be too big to play under the violists neck like a viola yet still too small to play resting on the floor like a cello), it has a slightly nasal sound, rather similar in a way to the sound of an oboe. The larger ... More

how to start your own secret club

This masterclass will help you to take your skills to the next level. Whether you want to launch a supper club, home restaurant or pop-up event, youll learn the key things you need to know to ... More

how to search for tax liens

19/07/2017 · In general, you will want to conduct a title and lien search on any property you are interested in. When you conduct a title and lien search, you will go to the county recorder's office and look through a property's recorded files. ... More

how to translate nsvd in french vertical datum

Contextual translation of "fodsels datum" into English. Human translations with examples: date, daab's date, on [… date], footnote date, datum, vertical. ... More

how to train a pigeon in tamil

CHENNAI: A conductor with the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) was issued a memo for letting a pigeon perched on the window of a bus travel without a ticket earlier this week. ... More

how to use car vaccum cleaner in car plug

MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner 12V battery, Bagless Cyclonic, 5 accessories and storage bag, Home & Car (with car plug even the most difficult areas of your car without the hassle of charging the MiniVac. Therfore, it is always ready to use! Looped handle ensure optimum grip. The Philips Mini Vac has a looped handle that ensures optimum grip. You can grab the Mini Vac in any way you like ... More

how to use reaper coscock

Kindle 6" glare-free touchscreen display, designed as a dedicated e-reader. Touchscreen display that reads like paper, no screen glare even in bright sunlight. Touchscreen display that reads like paper, no screen glare even in bright sunlight. ... More

how to search genealogy in germany

You can find the name of the town your German ancestors emigrated from by using this Database. The German Emigration Database has been compiled from emigration notices printed in newspapers. Printing the notice gave the newspaper readers plenty of time to put in a claim if they were owed money by the person leaving. ... More

how to use power save for amiibo

Press the L + R Buttons to snap a photo at any time. You can use the new amiibo Camera feature to take in-game photos with your player character, villagers, and amiibo characters. ... More

how to make stop motion with iphone

Apps for Make normal video into slow Motion on iPhone/ iPad Tens of iOS apps available related to our solution on App store but all are not functional that is easy for you. Just go with below apps, even if you found better then my hand pick then welcome and share with me in the comment box. ... More

how to start a wholesale business at home

Business in today’s society is like the game of Monopoly. The more you have, the more you can sell, and the more money you can make. Wholesaling is an age-old fundamental business. It is also a very competitive market. ... More

how to watch the a league final live

UEFA Nations League semi-final draw: What time is it and how to watch it live. England will learn who their semi-final opponents are in next summer's semi-finals in Portugal ... More

how to use def count my_list value

A Personal Values Definition. What are personal values? Personal values (sometimes called core values) are broad concepts that can be applied over and over again across a range of circumstances, as opposed to narrow answers to specific questions. ... More

ab glider how to use

Ab Glider Review 1. Ab Glider Review What You Need To Know Before You Buy The Proform Ab Glider Platinum Ab Machine The Proform Ab Glider Platinum Ab Machine is perfect for sculpting abs withoutthe usual neck pain of doing sit-ups and crunches. ... More

how to start heat beads

Winter in Seattle can be a dreary, dreary time. With the rain and the gray skies, a little touch of color is always a welcome addition. I saw these melted pony bead art projects online the other day and thought not only would it be a fun art project, but also a great opener to talking about a ton of science! ... More

how to write a good narrative for naplan

The NAPLAN is starting to have a differing and more significant role in the schooling of our students. As such, it can be hard for parents like yourselves to know how to help your child. In light of this, weve put together a guide to the Year 3 NAPLAN for parents like yourselves! ... More

how to wear snood hijab

How to tie my scarf diagonally, Amazing Headband Bandana Tichel ,Snood, Head Scarf, Head Covering, jewish headcovering, Scarf,Bandana ... More

how to wear taekwondo uniform

25/04/2012 · Master Darwin, very thorough as usual and correct. My students are only permitted to wear their TKD uniform to the lesson and if they are going somewhere else after the lesson they need to … ... More

reference to context how to write

This page gives an example to get spring application context object with in non spring managed classes as well. It is not possible to have all classes as spring managed classes, in such classes you need to get spring application context object. This can be achieved by using ApplicationContextAware interface. Here are the steps to achieve application context object: ... More

how to take diane 35 birth control

Off-label prescription of the drug by doctors for birth control combined with the marketing strategy by Berlex, now Bayer, saw 800,000 women prescribed Diane-35 in 2002, the majority of whom were using it for birth control and so taking the drug for long periods of ... More

how to stop someone from dominating you

Direct, decisive, determined, domineering. These are just some of the words that describe a highly dominant personality. Companies are run by them, wars are led by ... More

how to write key signatures

Instead of writing all of the notes in the piece of music with the attending F sharp or the B flat mentioned above, it is customary to write them once in a key signature. Key signatures provide a convenient way to write … ... More

how to improve digestion and stop gas

Gas in the small intestine or colon is typically caused by the digestion or fermentation of undigested food, such as plant fiber or certain sugars (carbohydrates), by bacteria found in the colon. Gas can also form when your digestive system doesn't completely break down certain components in foods, such as gluten or the sugar in dairy products and fruit. ... More

cake boss linzer cookie cutter how to use

Cake Boss 6 Piece Holiday Linzer Cookie Cutter Set™ 》 2018 Ads offers,Discounts 2018 Deals and Sales If you want to buy Cake Boss 6 Piece Holiday Linzer Cookie Cutter Set Ok you want deals and save. online shopping has now gone a long method; it has changed the way consumers and entrepreneurs do busi. ... More

how to use adbe animaator

I try to keep a pretty level head about most topics, from the big ones to the small stuff. Normally the right answer is somewhere in the middle and not at the extremes. ... More

how to sell your music on itunes for free

To sell your music, all iTunes distribution pricing and details have been updated to reflect current rates in my article "7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes". I'll be publishing a new post with a deeper comparison of each service (and new ones) in 1-2 weeks. Enjoy! Julie. Nice Summary, I didn't see RouteNote on there though. I actually took what you did and put it into a spreadsheet and ... More

how to use majirel cool cover

L'Oreal Professionnel Majirel L'Oreal Majirel Cool Cover 7.17 Cool Ash Blond 50ml for - Compare prices of 76931 products in Hair Care from 326 Online Stores in Australia. Save with! ... More

how to start a small vegetable garden for beginners

For someone whod just begun to delve into the art of gardening, starting out with a small vegetable patch is the best way to go. Growing vegetables is the easiest way to learn all the little niches of gardening, as well as getting used to getting your hands dirty. ... More

how to use ratchet straps on roof rack

With the crossbars and rack/padding installed and the straps/lines at the ready, you can place your kayak on top of your vehicle. The easiest way to load a kayak onto a car is with two people: The easiest way to load a kayak onto a car is with two people: ... More

how to serve lamb shanks

The shank is a meaty cut from the lower end of the lamb leg. Excellent for slow cooking, it’s great value and the bone running through the centre provides a lot of the flavour, releasing ... More

finding bigfoot how to win

Tired of unsuccessfully looking for lost treasures, pots of gold, winning lottery tickets and other fast-buck projects? Do you think you alone know where Bigfoot is hiding or Nessie is swimming? ... More

how to see who views your twitter

Needless to say, you never do find out who has really viewed your Facebook page or Twitter profile – but you have helped put some cash in the pocket of the scammers. ... More

how to search for a particular transaction in combank

To find a BTE is to use a breakpoint and to execute the business transaction that youre trying to find the BTEs for. Overview There are two function modules that can be used to find the BTE. ... More

how to use crawl control land cruiser

29/10/2010 · I personally think crawl control is gimicky and I would rarely use it, but you have to admit it's cool. I used it a couple of times on my landcruiser to show off to buddies. ... More

how to make mole stop growing

28/09/2005 · There is a way to accomplish what it is you are asking but it is a very very very fine line you dont want to make a mistake on. Removal of fan leaves will stop much of the plant from growing and will force it to focus on flower growth and preservation of the flower. ... More

how to use shoe cover dispenser

The Shoe Inn Stay automatic shoe cover dispenser has a handlebar for extra stability and is designed for medium to high-volume applications. The Fusion dispenser has a slightly smaller footprint and is designed for low to medium-volume uses. ... More

how to use remote control for lg split air conditioner

REPLACEMENT UNIVERSAL SeKi AIR CONDITIONER REMOTE CONTROL FOR LG AIR CONDITIONERS. Over 4000 CODES, OPERATES ALL LG MODELS. Full function universal remote control for all brands of air conditioners. ... More

how to make soundboards work on ts3

A Soundboard of audio clips where only Chris Hansen is Speaking. And he sure sounds like a pimp with all this sexy talk! ... More

how to use body milk dove

4/01/2008 · No, it's really not good to use body lotion on the face. There are nerves in the face that are far more sensitive, and any 'body lotion' will STING terribl, and could cause extreme redness or 'breakouts' of acne-like spots. ... More

how to use anti mage

3/12/2011 Guide to Anti-Mage This is a guide for ,so it should be easier to kill them.but i prefer pwer treads because you can change its atribute to get more mana to use a skill,life to survive or agility to be able to bash more. okay,thats about it for the optional items area,now i moving on to the big list of rejected items rejected items,big nono!!some people buy this,saying"but he's like tofu ... More

how to set the best settings for qbittorrent

qBittorrent is a lightweight cross-platform client and is a popular open source alternative to some of the better known BitTorrent platforms. We highly recommend you give it a try, but as with any BitTorrent software, it's essential to protect yourself. In this article, you'll find the best qBittorrent VPNs to use, and we've covered essential topics such as how to use qBittorrent safely. ... More

how to start writing song lyrics

Vincent Rabiola is a songwriter, singer. He has driven, a team player, motivated, and love working in a creative environment. ... More

how to turn off cheat mode in jei

Cheat mode. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. ... More

how to see old friend requests on facebook 2017

How to Stop Facebook Game Requests/Invites Or Notifications; 1. Turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications . Birthday reminders on Facebook are a great way to recall friends birthdays and eliminating any chance of failing to wish them on their special day. So, let’s see how to enable/disable birthday notifications on Facebook. If you are reading this on your PC then follow the first method ... More

how to start dreads yourself

Choose a design Before you start you will need to decide on a design for your cornrows. There are several different ways to braid them, and you can draw a sketch for your reference or use a photograph. ... More

how to set password for network sharing

Many people prefer to set up their Windows 95/98/Me machines using Windows Logon and no password, so the machine boots directly to the Windows desktop without a logon prompt. In this case, you need to make a Security Policy modification on the XP Professional machine to permit users without passwords to connect from the network. ... More

how to start husqvarna riding lawn mower

husqvarna ride on mower ts138 17.5hp intek engine 38" *save $400 *** SAVE $400! *** The TS138 is a user-friendly tractor ideal for homeowners having small to mid-size gardens. ... More

how to set up a ringtone on iphone

Congratulations, youve just changed the ringtone of an individual contact on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. Youll have to repeat these steps for as many times as necessary, up until you finish customizing the ringtones of all the contacts in iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr agenda. Of course, you can only do so for a few of them, no need to manually add a custom tune for ... More

how to use ssh tunnel in putty

How to setup SSH tunneling with foxy proxy and Putty? Tunneling. At the point when your program (or other customers) asks for a page (or anything off the Internet), it sends a request from your PC through a progression of routers, switches, firewalls, and servers claimed and observed by other individuals, organizations, and ISPs until it ... More

how to teach certainty and uncertainty

Abstract Uncertainty is a natural aspect of teaching. This paper addresses the questions of didactic-, practical-, and relational uncertainty /certainty by studying responses from 1153 Norwegian ... More

how to close apps on apple watch series 2

With Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3, my app dock mostly reflected the same apps set as complications on my watch faces. That is to say, it was mostly focused on fitness tracking and music ... More

how to start in safe mode win10

... More

how to use parseint in javascript

24/02/2018 · This video is for a JavaScript / jQuery Course at a Community College in San Diego County, CA. ... More

how to use selleys 3 in 1

Inex>Bond, Fuller Toolbox, Selleys 3 in 1, Sikaflex 11FC, Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength. Note: When laying ModWood brushed side down, best practise is to clean the area to be adhered with white spirits approximately 10 minutes before adhesive is applied. ... More

how to use crossover on mac for games

Mac only for me, sometimes I use Crossover which is getting better and better 🙂 IMHO every user who rely on Bootcamp should bother the game developer for a OS X version 😉 Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply ... More

how to sit on the floor in a skirt

If the skirt is to the ankles or even mid calf one can sit in any manner for it covers all personal areas and nothing is showing. I personally prefer the look of long dresses and long skirts. I personally prefer the look of long dresses and long skirts. ... More

how to tell if you ve been blocked on imessage

If you toggle the feature off, then the message status will always say "Delivered," even if you've read the iMessage in question. If you toggle it to "On," then the message status will update to "Read" when you've seen the message. Decide which one to use based on what level of privacy you want. The selection you make applies to every iMessage conversation in the app; you can't adjust settings ... More

how to turn on your ps4 with your phone

It offers a many more features than just using your PS Vita for playing PS4 games. Few of these features include the ability to turn off or turn on the PS4 system through Remote Play. ... More

how to use automatic joint roller

12/04/2007 · Watch How to use a joint roller - chimp_lover_07 on dailymotion ... More

how to take apart a lifeproof case

The LifeProof Nuud and Next came apart after a couple of drops as well so we were expecting the LifeProof Fre to do the same. The LifeProof Fre took every drop on ... More

how to turn document into landscape in word

3 Convert a PDF to Word Using bitmapped images and other document resources into files that contain pages of mixed sizes and orientations. If you need to convert PDF pages from one orientation ... More

how to use sage herb in cooking

When to add fresh herbs in your cooking depends not only on the herb but also on the sort of flavour youre trying to achieve. Here are some of the best herbs to use in cooking. Here are some of the best herbs to use in cooking. ... More

how to turn off emergency calls on android

The performance of the phone will be limited and youll only be able to make emergency phone calls; To disable emergency mode, tap More in the top right corner of the screen; Then, just tap Disable emergency mode. ... More

how to use an old telephone

23/08/2016 · If you own an old phone and planning to throw it away,why not make an awesome night vision camera out of it.In this video I will show you how to make night vision camera with your old phone.Hope ... More

how to use smart tv samsung

I am trying to fix my parents Samsung TV F6500 which has stopped connecting to Internet since a few weeks. Here is my diagnosis: The TV won't connect to Internet using wifi or Ethernet throught their usual provider. When I use my 4G phone as an access point, the TV connects normally. ... More

how to use foxis script

This comprehensive book features full-color photographic portraits and profiles of the film characters, quotes from the script, detailed information on downworlders, Shadowhunters, the Clave, and more. Fans of the movie won’t want to miss this must-have guide to … ... More

how to use clinique serum sculptwear

Rated 5 out of 5 by Snorth from Laser Focus serum This product was recommended to me by a Clinique Consultant in place of the Clinique serum I had been using, Sculptwear. She gave me a week's supply free. The results were remarkable, in just 1 week there was a noticeable difference. I've been using this product now for 2 months. ... More

how to change apple watch band series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE still includes the charging brick. Apple dropped the price of Apple Watch Series 3 to $279 after introducing Apple Watch Series 4 earlier this month. ... More

how to use glassfish server

How to Configure Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1. This section provides descriptions and examples of configuring the TimesTen JDBC driver for use with Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1. ... More

how to use godspeed xbox

GODspeed is a Total Commander like FTP client designed to fasten and clarify file management of JTAG/RGH/DevKit Xbox 360 consoles. GODspeed Features: FTP connection to Xbox 360 with Freestyle Dash, XeXMenu, DLi and/or Aurora ... More

how to 100 stop pimple

Acne-covered skin tends to be sensitive and washing your skin the wrong way can aggravate a pimple, making it hang around longer. Jennifer Ahartz, global curriculum developer at Dermalogica ... More

vba how to use subform.linkchildfields

20/05/2011 · The reason we have gone to the trouble of creating the subform link is to enhance the user friendliness of the database application. Subforms are great for displaying summary information, but not quite as good for entering data (especially when there are many fields to fill in). ... More

how to start shaving with a straight razor

How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor; How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor. If you want to learn how to shave with proper old school cut throat or straight razor, then go no further, just follow the simple instructions below. What a cut throat razor looks like. Stropping the cut throat razor. Stropping is done before every shave so that the very edge of the razor is straight and true -note ... More

how to use arduino with ps4

The USB PS4 Dualshock Controller Software allows you to connect a PS4 Dualshock Controller to one of our USB Host Boards and read the analog stick inputs, button presses, accelerometer and touchpad using I2C or serial TTL. ... More

how to use proactiv solution

I know that ProActiv was extremely toxic to me body and I could not continue to use it in good conscience. I knew I had to let my skin heal from literally a decade or more of “skin care.” I knew if I took care of my body it would heal itslelf. ... More

how to teach tackling in rugby

Now they have turned to the rugby-style tackling programme in their latest, and perhaps most elaborate, attempt to convince sceptics that football can be made safer to play. ... More

how to stop iv pump from beeping

The software is designed to safely and effectively program and collect data from the CADD-Solis Ambulatory Infusion pump. CADD Medication Cassette Reservoirs and CADD Administration Sets contain or connect to medication, fit securely on the pump, keep drugs safe ... More

how to work out return on rental investment

"Return on investment" is a financial calculation used to gauge how well the money you invest earns you even more money. To calculate ROI you divide the earnings you made from an investment by the ... More

how to use samsung warranty

Article Summary. Many cell phones come with a 1-year limited warranty which can be extended. Warranties usually cover manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions but do not cover damage from accidents and misuse. ... More

how to turn off voice control on zte

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR TELSTRA guide online at Torch On/Off Lock/ Unlock Keys Alert Switch Volume Keys Radio On/Off 5 6 #5526 120x90 Telstra Easy call Black_BLUE.indd 7 9/04/13 11:50 AM. GETTING CONNECTED. INSERT SIM CARD1 • lide the back cover down to open.S • Insert the SIM card with the gold chip facing down and the slanted edge on the bottom as shown. 5 6 #5526 … ... More

how to take down horizontal blinds

2” Horizontal Blinds Installation Guide Important: If you have ordered an upgraded valance for your blind, you must first read the Valance Installation Guide found on your box. ... More

how to start investing in singapore

As Kemmy Nola once said: “The beginning is always the hardest”. So, do not immediately quit on your dreams of becoming an investor. Consider these tips: BUILD YOUR SAVINGS Maintaining a robust savings pod is the initial step that you have to take before plunging into the world of investments. Your savings account will act as a cushion to ... More

how to use android tablet to draw on pc

The PC/Mac and Android application of Wired XDisplay is free, which definitely makes it worth to try out! To set-up your Android smartphone or tablet as a second monitor youll need both the mobile and desktop application. ... More

how to set up shimano cleats

Add to the stability of your ride and fix a pair of cycling cleats to your pedals. Our range of anti-slip bike shoe cleats provide great balance and durability to keep you right on track. Our range of anti-slip bike shoe cleats provide great balance and durability to keep you right on track. ... More

how to teach grammar pdf

The main goal of the inductive teaching method is the retention of grammar concepts, with teachers using techniques that are known to work cognitively and … ... More

ford ranger how to tell if brake pads needs replacing

1/06/2011 · With this in mind brake pads should be replaced when they are worn enough to need it. Preventive maintenance is a cure for many problems before they happen.Ford Ranger question?It depends on how hard you use your truck ,like an everyday driver you should get 6 months out of them . or if its alot with towing and hauling you might get 3 months . i myself change mine 2 times a year … ... More

how to use pan watercolors

Watercolor can be tricky and you need patience to use it properly, as well as practice. On the upside, its hard to find a medium that is more versatile or that can produce so many wonderful effects. Have fun! ... More

how to use onion seed oil for hair growth

Applying this oil to the hair and scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair growth. Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Growth Oil 100% Natural & Pure Promotes Hair Growth, Prevent Hair Fall, Scalp Infections & Dandruff. Onion Oil is rich in Sulphur, which is known to minimize breakage and thinning. Onions have potent anti-bacterial properties and help fight ... More

how to use fusaion 360

Looks like your connection to Offical Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. ... More

how to stop a dog from peeing

... More

how to find work australia

How to find unskilled Mining Jobs in Western Australia (or elsewhere) Trying to get a job in a WA mine? Then keep reading. Especially if you have no experience! ... More

nose up clip how to use

Vaseline can work wonders at clearing up the dryness. The slick jelly will coat the tissues in the nose and moisturize them. It will create a barrier that prevents air from reaching the tissues in the nose, which causes dryness. Vaseline also helps to lock in the natural moisture produced by the nose tissues. ... More

how to set mouse macros

3/07/2015 Follow that to create your macro set for the CX750. Before you start create a profile in Goflight Config for the CX750 and for your MCP set all functions to FS Default - No Assignment and save the profile, use this when flying the CX750 The basic steps to create a macro set are: Load the CX750, then in FSUIPC go to the buttons tab and click on [create mouse macro] in the bottom left of this ... More

how to set up payroll in quickbooks 2012

Set up a new employee in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll QuickBooks Desktop defines an employee as someone you give a W-2 form at the end of the year. You pay ... More

how to stop auto snap in word

When inserting a drawn line in Word the line snaps to a grid line location whereas my drawing requires that I place the line between grid lines. Is there a way to turn off the "snap-to" function? Is there a way to turn off the "snap-to" function? ... More

how to stop kingdom come deliverance crashing xbox

15/02/2018 For Kingdom Come: Deliverance on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "CRashes and glitches". ... More

how to use garmin delta xc

Garmin Delta XC Remote Dog Training Collar - 800M Used for - Compare prices of 139552 products in Pet Supplies from 342 Online Stores in Australia. Save with! ... More

how to see team calendar from outlook

17/12/2018 · The Show Manager's Team Calendar setting isn't enabled in Outlook. You have a registry setting configured to disable the manager's team calendar. The … ... More

how to show exposed beams in revit

QUESTION How can I create exposed roof trusses in a room with a cathedral ceiling? ANSWER When a roof truss is drawn in Chief Architect, the program locates a roof plane to define the top chords of the truss, and a ceiling plane to define the location of the bottom chord. ... More

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how to write amazing articles

In public relations there will come a time when you will likely write a profile article. This could be of an executive leader, or an associate doing amazing work in and outside the organization.

how to use remainder java

Program to find Quotient And Remainder in Java The remainder is the integer left over after dividing one integer by another. The quotient is the quantity produced by the division of two numbers.

how to see if your iphone is unlocked

Keep holding them until you see the recovery-mode screen. On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Home and the Top (or Side) buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery-mode screen. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. iTunes will download software for your device. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your

how to take review from the doctor by nurse

“The Doctor” tells the story of an aloof, self-centered heart surgeon who treats his patients like names on a list. Then he gets sick himself, and doesn't like it one bit when he's treated like a mere patient. “It may interest you to know that I happen to be a resident surgeon on the staff of this hospital!” he barks at a nurse who wants him to fill out some forms just like the ones he

how to stop android from saving battery

Without doubt, the best way to save power on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is to enable Android's built-in Power Saving mode. It's not unique to the Galaxy S9 range, having been

how to take a screenshot on my apple macbook pro

We will learn, how take screenshot on Mac OS running systems such as Apple Macbook Air, Macbook Pro etc. How to take screenshot on Mac using keyboard shortcuts If you want to take screenshot of entire screen of Mac, then hold down Command (⌘) plus Shift plus 3.

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